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In the wake of the housing crisis, now a decade ago, and the insolvency of some owners and real estate developers, most banks in Spain ended up among their assets with a series of properties of which many find themselves in an irregular situation.

This is a unique business opportunity for INMOCIN, who carries out the entire process, from the acquisition of the asset to its subsequent sale.



The Investment Advisor, the Investment Manager and Independent Director are part of the Investment Committee, whose main task is to ensure the nature of investments fall within the guidelines specified in the Investment Memorandum of the Fund. This gives investors an added level of comfort with regards to their investment.

The acquisition of properties in an irregular situation was tested at a pilot level with much success and led the team to develop it into a large-scale operation; INMOCIN Fund was therefore launched.

With so many investment options available today, the task of achieving financial security can be overwhelming.

We are involved globally and our vision is to invest on all continents.


The achievements listed highlight INMOCIN dedication to making a positive impact throughout its operations worldwide, as it works, together with its stakeholders, to build a sustainable future.

Purchase of assets in irregular situations, located throughout the Spanish national territory, meeting INMOCIN´s established prerequisites for management and processing of the entire procedure from their acquisition, management and subsequent sale, centralising all processes from Barcelona.
The Fund has a firm commitment to society and to the local communities in general. Having access to those residences destined among other to those people at risk of social exclusion, the Fund will allocate around 5% of the portfolio of acquired properties for social rent, assigning these to the corresponding public organisms or by fixing of a limited monthly rent with limited access to only those in need.
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